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My name is Kala and I am passionate about pottery. I find so much joy in creating with my hands. It's an amazing feeling to take a cold grey lump of clay & transform it into something beautiful & functional.


My current work is all hand formed using slab building techniques with earthenware clay. I take my inspiration from anywhere & everywhere, I still love to learn new techniques and develop them, although I am not always successful!

My ceramics are not perfect,they contain the unique charm of a handmade piece. No two items are identical , and a lot of my ceramics are one off's.

I produce all of my work in my lovely potting shed at the bottom of my garden. I hold small workshops to give others the experience of creating in clay and exploring the joy and mindfulness of creativity.

I have also had the privilege of making friends who are as creative as myself and we now run our own local artisan market which we set up to showcase our work and it has been a joy to meet all of the other makers who attend each market.

I am very proud of the pottery I create and always have a sense of great achievement when I finish a piece I have worked so hard on - I hope you love my work enough to purchase one of my items to display proudly in your home or wherever it may end up!

I am happy to take on commissions too.